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Heart Doc VIP with Dr. Joel Kahn

Feb 24, 2023

Dr. Kahn requests that you "Register now for the Reverse Heart Disease Naturally" Summit and learn with me, Dr. Joel Furhman, and more than 40 other world health experts".

[CLICK HERE] to sign up.

This week Dr. Kahn discusses if it is really true that to "build muscle you need to eat muscle". He quotes the literature...

Feb 17, 2023

The online summit "Reversing Heart Disease Naturally" is about to begin on 2/28/23 and you can sign up here today.

This week Dr. Kahn takes on 3 topics including intermittent fasting, alcohol and the brain, and a "New Paradigm" for stable coronary artery disease (CAD). He discusses data that not all angina chest pain is...

Feb 10, 2023

The news was buzzing when Joe Rogan went on Instagram bashing the idea that eggs can cause clotting. Was he right?

This week, Dr. Kahn discussed the science of egg yolk, red meat, choline supplements, TMAO levels, and platelet clumping. We simply do not know if eggs and meats cause clotting, but they do cause heart...

Feb 3, 2023

Perhaps even scarier than heart disease is the possibility of loss of memory functions. As with most conditions, genetics like ApoE4, matter a lot.

Can lifestyle habits, however, overcome the genetics of memory loss? This week, Dr. Kahn discuss the brain in terms of appetite, diet, and memory. New research data is...