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Heart Doc VIP with Dr. Joel Kahn

Aug 4, 2023

In this episode of Heart Doc VIP with Dr. Joel Kahn, you'll discover recent groundbreaking scientific studies that are closely tied to your well-being and lifespan. Dr. Kahn delves into the importance of requesting a high-sensitivity troponin blood test, a key measure that can provide insights into your potential risk for heart conditions and overall longevity. Available at Quest and various other labs, troponin is a vital biomarker that complements BNP and galectin-3 as indicators of heart failure.

Furthermore, Dr. Kahn is excited to announce a 6-week online seminar and interactive Q&A, commencing in August. Discover more and register for this invaluable opportunity to engage with a heart health expert at Dr. Joel Kahn's Whole Heart Masterclass.