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Heart Doc VIP with Dr. Joel Kahn

Mar 10, 2023

The Reversing Heart Disease Summit has an encore this week. If you missed any or all of it, register and listen now. It has been a smash hit, but there is one more chance to learn with Dr. Kahn, Dr. Fuhrman, and guests. Click Here To Register.

This week at Heart Doc VIP, Dr. Kahn reports back from his Michigan office on great news about a cholesterol-lowering medicine called bempadoic acid, and on vegan vs. keto diets and their impact on the planet. The main focus is the new report suggesting that a non-nutritive sweetener called erythritol, which is made in the body but also used as an additive in many foods, may be related to heart disease and cause blood to clot. The amount of erythritol found in many keto-friendly foods meets or exceeds the amount used in healthy human volunteers, suggesting it may play a role in excessive clotting. There will be many more studies on this exciting new topic.