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Heart Doc VIP with Dr. Joel Kahn

Dec 5, 2023

This week, Dr. Kahn touches on mini-topics regarding HDL-cholesterol and the brain, pumpkin seeds and hair growth, lipoprotein(a), and others. He then shifts focus to the main topic: a 6-year update on the PESA trial in Madrid, followed by a look at the upcoming PrevCAD trial targeting young people. Just like at the Kahn Center, the PESA study in Madrid screened 'healthy' individuals aged 40-55 for silent atherosclerosis. It found that, at the 6-year mark, younger participants with high blood pressure and high LDL-cholesterol experienced rapid worsening of their condition. The PrevCAD trial in NYC will randomize young volunteers, aged 20-39 with silent atherosclerosis, to either receive aggressive therapy or undergo watchful waiting. Stay tuned for some insightful discoveries ahead.