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Heart Doc VIP with Dr. Joel Kahn

Apr 7, 2023

Join Dr. Kahn in this episode as he introduces two exciting projects at the Kahn Center: the 24-hour ambulatory Bio-Beat patch from Israel and the Prolon Diabetes Remission and Reversal Program. To participate, call the office at 248-731-7412 and learn more.

The episode covers the optimal diet for health, including new data and its impact on menopause and brain health in women. Additionally, Dr. Kahn discusses the advantages of hormone replacement therapy when started early for brain health.

The main topic of this episode is a crucial new study from Denmark. The study tested "healthy people", men, and women over the age of 40, with coronary CT angiography. The findings were shocking: 46% had silent heart disease, and their risk of heart attack was as much as 12 times higher than those without the condition.

Tune in to Episode 298 to learn more about this groundbreaking study.