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Heart Doc VIP with Dr. Joel Kahn

Jan 16, 2024

Broadcasting straight from the standing desk at the sunny Florida Kahn Center, Dr. Kahn's latest episode is like a sampler platter of health wisdom. He's dishing out bite-sized nuggets of knowledge from fresh scientific studies. Ever wondered if chocolate can actually help with blood pressure? Or how hearing aids might be the secret to a longer life? And let's not forget about the link between hearing loss and dementia, plus the perks of maintaining low cholesterol through the years. This episode's got a little bit of everything to get your brain cells dancing.

But wait, there's more! Dr. Kahn dives into a groundbreaking discovery about certain plant compounds that are like a VIP pass for stem cells, helping them leave the bone marrow and jet-set to wherever your body needs a repair job – think kidneys, brain, heart, you name it. He's got the scoop on StemRegen, a mix of six supercharged plant compounds, available at This whole "endogenous stem cell mobilization" thing? It's not just cool, it's next-level exciting. And because Dr. Kahn's all about sharing the love, he's hooked up a sweet deal: use the code Kahn15 at checkout for a nifty discount. Tune in and get your health knowledge fix with a side of savings!