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Heart Doc VIP with Dr. Joel Kahn

Oct 26, 2018

Dr. Kahn would not wish advanced congestive heart failure (CHF) on his worst enemy (not many of them) but as an integrative cardiologist, he loves the challenge of diagnosing, treating, and reversing CHF. Yes reversing. This week he explores the what, why, where, how and how not to deal with a very serious disease that...

Oct 19, 2018

Should you exercise? Yes! The science of exercise has documented benefits for over 50 years but we keep learning the nuances of optimal fitness. This edition will explore the benefits of exercise, the role of the Tabata or HIIT protocols the U shaped curve of exercise, and the role of NEAT or fidgeting. This would be a...

Oct 12, 2018

Is the answer to the fountain of youth NO or NR? Nicotinamide riboside or NR is getting a lot of attention. The science is mainly in animal studies but a few human ones exist. Can it help us live longer or better? Can we add it to a longevity Blue Zones lifestyle and gain even more? Is it a "mimetic" to garner the...

Oct 5, 2018

Why is this edition of the pea cast a few days late? Listen in and learn but it is Joe Rogan's fault! Dr. Kahn discusses fast food, fake news, an amazing visit to LA to meet Larry King, Joe Rogan and Bassem Youssef, and a host of other topics. You won't want to miss this discussion.